NutraHacker Testimonials

You can get a free Nutrahacker test, but I recommend paying for the fuller version, because the additional information is so useful. My Nutrahacker results actually save me money,
enabling me to cut out unnecessary and wrong supplements, and to focus on those few that are truly helpful. This DNA view of which foods are good and bad for your unique needs is
something you cannot figure out from trial and error or get from a food-allergy test. Thanks to the decoding of the human genome, we are fortunate to have this inner view of ourselves
that was hidden from previous generations. Nutrahacker can help you feel better each day, and that is priceless.

Thank you very much for such helpful and interesting information. Please continue to keep me on your list for all future updates.
Your Nutrahacker analysis changed my life, and I recommend it to lots of people. I never regretted a dime spent on it.

- Mary

I had chronic migraines, cold hands and feet, neuropathy in hands and feet and severe Brain Fog for years. However due to 23andMe along with the information
about supplements from NutraHacker I have got off of numerous Rx and cured all of the above conditions. Dr., and Rx treated symptoms while conditions just got worse each year.
Supplements and knowing what to avoid treated cured my conditions. Thanks to 23 and NutraHacker for changing my life. My doctors were astounded with my results!

- Roger Holland

Thanks so much!
And thank you for founding Nutrahacker.
Learning about my mutations has saved the day! And I'm taking many of the supplements you recommended and my doctor suggested and I'm feeling much better.

- Elizabeth F.

Wow. Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it. This is so very helpful...I am so excited...I really really can't thank you enough!!

- Christina Pond

Thank you so much for providing this service! You are a Godsend.

- M. Ruth

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