Celiac Report Description

The NutraHacker Celiac report examines single nucleotide polymorphisms that pertain to Celiac. Celiac is present in 1/133 people. In people with physical symptoms, Celiac is present in 1/56 people. About 95% of Celiac individuals express some form of HLA-DQ2 and the remainder are mostly HLA-DQ8 positive. HLA-DQ2 is carried by about a third of Caucasians, thus HLA-DQ2 or -DQ8 is necessary but not sufficient for Celiac.

This report is not a diagnostic test, but has negative predictive value since Celiac is highly unlikely when the predisposing alleles are absent. A positive result indicates some genetic predisposition for Celiac but it is still unlikely overall. Table 1 indicates HLA status as pertinent to Celiac. It is not a comprehensive analysis of HLA, which is one of the most complex genes in the human body! The analysis focuses on HLA-DQ. Most people will not have data for DQ4 and DQ7 since those do not seem to be genotyped often, but those variants are uncommon.

The NutraHacker Celiac report shows you the percentage of individuals with your HLA Haplotype that were observed to have anti-gluten antibodies (a marker for Celiac).

The HLA-DQ haplotypes covered are:

  • HLA-DQ2.2
  • HLA-DQ4
  • HLA-DQ2.5
  • HLA-DQ7
  • HLA-DQ8
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