Complete Mutation Nutrition Report Description

The most comprehensive genetic report on supplements and nutrition available on the market today for your raw DNA data.

NutraHacker reports mutations (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in the uploaded genome. Genes not reported in this report are either normal, not actionable, or not currently detected by NutraHacker. Mutations whose RSID has an asterisk (*) have been imputed. The expected allele is the one seen in a normally functioning gene. The high risk alleles reported are the ones measured from the uploaded genome. NutraHacker reports the effects of these mutations as discovered by published empirical data and suggests nutritional supplements that can mitigate potential issues caused by these mutations.

This report is meant to serve as a guide for nutritional supplementation for the owner of the genome and is not applicable to any other individual. Supplement quantities and dosages are not included as they are indicated on the purchased product. Multiple recommendations for the same supplement does not mean that the dosage should be multiplied. In the case of a conflict (such as a particular vitamin being both encouraged and discouraged), the owner of the genome should assess his/her own personal biology to decide whether to include or discard that particular supplement. Please see our FAQ for advice on conflicts.

Compared to the free detox report, your Complete Mutation Report contains a more thorough analysis of:

  1. folate genetics
  2. vitamin metabolism
  3. liver detoxification
  4. adiponectin levels (obesity)
  5. cholesterol
  6. mental health
  7. heavy metal sensitivity
  8. other actionable genes associated with various conditions
For a sample PDF report click here.

For a sample Supplement Visualization Tool click here.

For a sample of the Nutrition Dynamic Table click here.

Also included in the Complete Mutation Nutrition Report are imputed versions of the PDF report, dynamic table and the supplement tool with many more SNPs analyzed in each case.

The Complete Mutation Report has the same format as the free Detoxification and Methylation Report.

Unique to your Complete Mutation Report are the Dynamic Nutrition and Supplement Charts, which show you the most important supplements, and the Conditions Visualization Tool, which shows you the most important snps in your report for each condition you indicated.

For a sample of the Nutrition and Supplement Dynamic Charts click here.

For a sample conditions visualization tool click here.

You will also receive a dynamic table to look at your Conditions Tool data.

For a sample dynamic conditions table click here.

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