NutraHacker Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to us.

The system was designed to maximize your privacy.

While your report is being generated, your customer ID is a randomly assigned UUID4.

We do not share your genetic data with anyone else. We understand the importance of keeping your genetic data safe.

Your genetic data is encrypted and stored in a separate location from your contact information.

We keep your data so that we can provide new panels and run statistics that is provided to users and not to other companies or corporations.

Our email list is not shared with any other entity and any marketing materials received from us will be NutraHacker related.

In our partnership with VitaminLab we provide them with a supplement recipe but do not provide them with your genetic data.

You can delete your data at any time by simply emailing us with your NutraHacker user ID #.

All traffic is encrypted via https and all payment processing is handled by Stripe so we do not store any of your financial information at any point in time.

When you visit NutraHacker with your webbrowser, the pages you've requested are part of the NutraHacker webserver logs.
This makes it possible to match a set of genotypes to a given IP address. Therefore these logs are not kept long term, and are typically deleted each month.