NHU: GeneticGenie vs NutraHacker. Free Methylation and Detox Report Comparison

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Just upload raw DNA data and answer a quick survey that contributes to our research. Your raw data is confidential and anonymized. FREE Detoxification and Methylation Report and FREE Genome Imputation Results are available. Upload a 23andMe, AncestryDNA, tellmeGen, MyHeritage, Genomeitall, MyHappyGenes, LifeDNA, FitnessGenes or 4Gold raw DNA data file to get started.

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Compatible Raw DNA Data Sources


  • AncestryDNA
  • 23andMe
  • tellMeGen
  • MyHeritage
  • Genomeitall
  • MyHappyGenes
  • LifeDNA
  • FitnessGenes
  • 4Gold

Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Any 30x+ coverage CRAM file (Nebula Genomics, etc.)
  • Any 30x+ coverage BAM file (Sequencing, Dante Labs, etc.)

NutraHacker WGS Raw DNA Analysis Products

WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel ($300/year)

Actionable personalized genetics panel that determines haplotypes and overall gene function in genes that process Rxs and detoxify toxins using your raw Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) DNA data (BAM/CRAM 30x+). Covers 27 genes, hundreds of haplotypes and over 2,700 Rxs.

WGS Critical Genetics ($395 lifetime)

Analyzes mutations in your raw Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) DNA data (BAM/CRAM 30x+) that have been identified as having high penetrance and actionability. Over 13,000 locations covering 81 genes are examined in this report, making it very comprehensive.

NutraHacker Microarray Raw DNA Analysis Products

Complete Mutation Nutrition Report ($37 lifetime)

The most comprehensive DNA based nutrition and supplement report available today for your raw DNA data. Covers topics including folate genetics, vitamin metabolism, liver detoxification, adiponectin levels (obesity), cholesterol, mental health, heavy metal sensitivity, and other actionable genes associated with various conditions.

Carrier Status ($23 lifetime)

Analysis of your carrier status and drug response for major conditions personalized to your raw DNA upload. Over 65 conditions analyzed covering 68 different genes, including Phenylketonuria, Caffeine Metabolism, Statin Response, Familial Mediterranean Fever among many others.

Critical Genetics Basic ($145 lifetime)

Analysis of critically important and actionable genes personalized to your raw DNA upload. Analyzing 24 genes covering 20 critically important conditions, including Biotinidase deficiency, Lynch syndrome, Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency, Malignant hyperthermia susceptibility, among many others.

Depression ($85 lifetime)

Analysis of your genetic profile as pertains to depression according to your raw DNA data. Analysis of polymorphisms that have been researched to vary based on differences in response to treatments for depression. Over 35 genes analyzed and 24 different treatments examined. Includes analysis of side effects for treatments as well.

Fitness ($55 lifetime)

Personalized analysis of your genetic profile related to fitness according to your raw DNA data upload. Analyzing 47 genes covering the general categories of injury, metabolism and VO2 Max, and including traits of interest such as lung capacity, homocysteine metabolism, fat metabolism, ligament strength, sprinting performance, power and more.

Celiac ($20 lifetime)

Analysis of your Celiac profile according to your raw DNA data. HLA-DQ (Human Leukocyte Antigen-DQ) haplotypes covered include HLA-DQ2.2, HLA-DQ4, HLA-DQ2.5, HLA-DQ7 and HLA-DQ8. Shows you the percentage of individuals with your HLA Haplotype that were observed to have anti-gluten antibodies (a marker for Celiac).

Dentistry ($60 lifetime)

Personalized analysis of your genetic profile related to caries (cavities) for your raw DNA upload. Analyzing 15 genes covering important categories such as enamel mineralization, pH regulation, sugar consumption, tooth formation, antimicrobial and immune response, among others. Research has shown that half of the cause of dental cavities is genetic in origin.

Lactation ($85 lifetime)

Analysis of your genetic profile related to lactation according to your raw DNA data upload. Analyzing 24 genes that have an influence on lactation and the breastfed infant including important topics such as secretor status, fucosylated oligosaccharides, vitamin and mineral levels in breastmilk, and the production of fatty acids such as DPA, EPA, DHA and AA.

Genome Imputation and Phasing (FREE)

Expansion of your raw DNA data from approximately 600 thousand SNPs (locations) to 30 million SNPs, plus haplotype phasing. Uses an established and widely used mathematical algorithm. The calculations begin upon completion of the short conditions questionnaire and allow for more comprehensive reporting.

NutraHacker University: GeneticGenie vs NutraHacker. Free Methylation and Detox Report Comparison

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"I recommend paying for the fuller version, because the additional information is so useful. My Nutrahacker results actually save me money, enabling me to cut out unnecessary and wrong supplements, and to focus on those few that are truly helpful."

Mary L.

"I had chronic migraines, cold hands and feet, neuropathy in hands and feet and severe Brain Fog for years. However due to 23andMe along with the information about supplements from NutraHacker I have got off of numerous Rx and cured all of the above conditions."

Roger H.

"Thanks so much! And thank you for founding Nutrahacker. Learning about my mutations has saved the day! And I'm taking many of the supplements you recommended and my doctor suggested and I'm feeling much better."

Elizabeth F.