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Trichopus Zeylanicus Overview

1) Conditions Studied

Trichopus Zeylanicus, a traditional medicinal plant found predominantly in Southern India, has been studied for various conditions including fatigue, stress, and sexual dysfunction. Researchers have also explored its impacts on immune system enhancement and its adaptogenic properties.

2) Effectiveness in Treating Conditions

There is some evidence suggesting that Trichopus Zeylanicus may be effective in treating the aforementioned conditions, particularly with regard to improving energy levels and reducing fatigue. However, more comprehensive clinical trials are needed to conclusively determine its efficacy and therapeutic dosages.

3) Health Benefits

The health benefits of Trichopus Zeylanicus include boosting energy levels, enhancing physical endurance, and acting as an adaptogen to help the body manage stress. It is also believed to have antioxidant properties and contribute to improving sexual health and immune function.

4) Potential Downsides

Although Trichopus Zeylanicus is considered safe when used in traditional forms and dosages, there is limited scientific data on its long-term use and potential side effects. As with any supplement, there could be risks of interactions with medications or allergies. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement.

5) Genetic Variations and Effects

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that Trichopus Zeylanicus is particularly beneficial or harmful for specific genetic variations. Genetic factors can influence how individuals metabolize and respond to supplements, so further research could uncover potential interactions between genetic makeup and the effects of Trichopus Zeylanicus.

Trichopus Zeylanicus Research Summary

Immune System Enhancement

Trichopus zeylanicus has been found to enhance the immune system in mice without affecting hemoglobin levels or body weight. It increased thymocytes, splenic lymphocytes, total blood leukocytes, and peritoneal macrophages, and offered protection against EAC ascitic tumor cells.

Anti-Stress Effects

An alcohol extract of Trichopus zeylanicus, containing a glyco-peptido-lipid (AF) fraction, showed significant anti-stress effects in rats and mice. It reduced stress-induced gastric ulcers, trauma, immune response impacts, and improved liver function and antioxidant activity. The substance was found to have a high tolerance dose and no observed toxicity.

Antioxidant Effects on Aging

Extracts from Trichopus zeylanicus improved antioxidant capacity in aged mice's liver mitochondria. The results indicated increased levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase activity, and reduced malondialdehyde, suggesting potential benefits against aging and age-related diseases.

Adaptogenic Properties

Trichopus zeylanicus seed extract demonstrated adaptogenic properties, improving stress resistance in animals. It enhanced swimming endurance, protected against stress-induced ulcers, and reduced gastric secretion and acidity, with no lethal effects even at high doses.

Anti-Fatigue Effects

The plant showed anti-fatigue effects without amphetamine-like stimulant effects. Treated rats and mice displayed increased swim time, supporting the traditional use by the Kani tribe in India.

Aphrodisiac Effects

An ethanol-based leaf extract of Trichopus zeylanicus enhanced sexual behavior in male mice, increasing mounting frequency and mating performance. A higher efficacy was observed with a daily dose over six days.

Chronic Fatigue Relief and Antioxidant Capabilities

The plant's antioxidant properties contribute to its effectiveness in scavenging free radicals, reducing lipid peroxidation and DNA damage, which may play a role in combating chronic fatigue.


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