NutraHacker Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel

Initial Product Release Discount!

We are very excited to announce that our Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel is now available!

For a limited time only until February 29th, 2024 (it's a leap year!), we are offering a discounted preorder for 1 year access to the WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel at only $150, a 50% off one-time only discount!

Your WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel determines haplotypes and overall gene function in genes that process Rxs using your raw WGS DNA data (BAM/CRAM 30x+)

Over 2,700 Rxs are covered in this panel, making it very comprehensive.

Covers 20 core pharmacogenetic genes, with ongoing updates

Haplotypes of liver enzymes, reporting overall gene function

Actionable recommendations regarding prescriptions from worldwide prominent groups

Correlations of Rx to the enzymes that metabolise them (over 2,700 Rxs covered), with ability to search by gene, drug or disease

Discussion pages where you can discuss genetics, drugs, side effects with others who share your genetics coming soon!

This is a quantum leap in personalized genetics, please inform friends and family!

The 20 genes covered in the WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel are as follows:


To test the DEMO for the NutraHacker Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel click here.

To get your FREE NutraHacker Guide to PGx click here.

For users that only have microarray data from companies such as 23andMe, the next step after finalizing your preorder

is to get your WGS data kit from a major provider such as Nebula Genomics,, or DanteLabs and then return to NutraHacker

to create your WGS account using the same email address that you use here to preorder your WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel.

Once your WGS account is created with NutraHacker, your WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panel will be automatically available

at the NutraHacker Report Center, since your preorder will be tied to your email address

and the year long countdown will begin.

For those in charge of multiple genomes that want to take maximum advantage of this initial release discount

and purchase more than one preorder for family members or clients, you may simply buy more than one on the purchase page,

and you will then be entitled to the number of WGS True Detox and PharmaShield (PGx) Panels purchased in total.

* NutraHacker is not your physician, is not attempting to practice medicine, and is not to be considered genetic counseling. See a medical geneticist if genetic counseling is desired. NOTHING within this report is to be interpreted or construed as a diagnosis. Also, no therapies or treatments are explicitly encouraged or discouraged. Any wording of a disease, disorder, or condition is related to information pertinent to said condition but is not the condition itself. No condition is confirmed as present (diagnosed) or eliminated as a possible diagnosis.